Friday, June 10, 2011

OOAK Vintage Styled American Eagle Folk Art Uncle Sam Doll

This doll is the latest offering to my e-Bay store for my Seven Day, Seven Auction celebration I am hosting in honor of the Fourth of July. He has been construct in my antique version of a primitive ball and joint doll. His joints have been connected with a strong hemp cording which allows him to be posed in variety of positions. He is a very unique and one of a kind find for anyone who likes to decorate in an Americana theme. He has just been listed in my e-Bay store with a very low starting bid for a seven day auction.. and as always if you would like to all the pictures from his photo shoot, plus read all his details, simply click on an image to travel and view is sale..

You may also use the link below to visit my listing and see all the other items I have with a patriot theme.

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