Thursday, February 5, 2009

PieCake Prims

Lorraine of piecakeprims currently has this darling set (sold seperately) up for auction right now; Martha & George Washington!

Magic Brush Studio

From the talented brush of Shirley of magicbrushstudio comes this absolutely stunning black cat spring lamp...

Shirley describes her lamp:

I found this little beauty at an estate sale this summer. I think it is from the 40-50 era. I have completely refurbished it, from sanding to priming to painting. It has been given new life with my own original design and artwork. I have many hours into this one and I just love how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it too! This would make a perfect accent lamp to display all year long.
On one side of the shade ~ Two Black Kittens play hide &seek in the flower garden, surrounded by tulips & tiny spring flowers.

The other side shows~ Momma Cat is stretched out in the soft grass surrounded by flowers watching her little ones at play.

On the body of the lamp I have HP flowers and vines with leaves. On the bottom a tiny ruby throated hummingbird comes in for a sip of nectar. Above the hummingbird, I have painted a green-eyed black kitten face. The trim on the lamp is done in black & white checkerboard design and gold dots.

Check it out by clicking on the lamp icon in the ebay widget!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sir Lixalot

Here is my latest listing. Not really posted in time to be in on our Heart of Darkness challenge and not really dark anyway, just a little naughty!

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Josie (aka skeletoninmycloset)