Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Soon Time for OWOH!


Click on the the button above to see the details of this exciting event!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

Okay...the winners have been randomly assigned their prizes and they go like this.....

Winner: Becca Bilas!

Offered by Laura/Cobblestone Circle

Winner: Jade Perez!

Offered by Karen/idrawpix

Winner: Deena Davis!

Offered by Lorraine/Piecake Prims

Winner: Becky(rebbamocha)!

Offered by Judy/Art dolls by Judy

Winner: Denise Sanchez!

Offered by Lisa/Pearl Avenue Studios

Winner: Evelyn Howard!

Offered by Cindy/art by me Cindy

Winner: Michelle Whitney!

Offered by Tammy/Light and Shadow Studio

Winner: Moriah Betterly!

Offered by Ron and Sherry/Sunbyrum

Winner: Raedell Coogler!

Offered by Dianne/mcollection

Winner: Jan Rogers!

Offered by Jamie/creepy_creations

Winner: Dede Hayes!

Offered by Michelle/Butterflyyykisses

Winner: Nicole Johnson!

Offered by Cat/in*the*light*of*the*moon

Winner: Linda Wildestein!

Offered by Patrick/Cre8orstouch

Winner: Marie Patterson!

Offered by Josie/Skeleton in my Closet

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all of our followers old & new for joining in the fun!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blog Giveaway News- I need 7 more Winners...

Only 7 of the original winners responded and none of the new 7 picked & emailed thru google friendconnect responded so it's OPEN SEASON for the remaining 7 spots!

Sooooooo....The next 7 followers (not including current BWBA members)to leave a comment on THIS post & email your mailing address will be fill those spots. I do NOT recommend leaving your email address on so public a forum so I will need you to email your mailing address.

Good Luck and hurry! The artists are anxious to mail out their donations!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa's Helper ~ Candy ~ the Christmas Elf

Candy is made of pure white cashmere mini bear fabric and stands only 3 inches tall. She will of course bring her faux candy cane with her.

She is on eBay, with a buy-it-now option,
now through Sunday Dec 20th.
You may click her pic to visit the auction.

See more Chirstmas Mice for sale from

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

OOAK Christmas Mice from Cobblestone Creations

At long last, the two newest citizens from Cobblestone Circle ~
~ Fletcher & Irene Stevens ~

The whole village of Cobblestone Circle is preparing for their annual holiday lights and display tour ~ and Fletcher and Irene are busy putting the final touches on their decorations. Fletcher comes with a wreath and Irene comes with a tiny mouse-sized decorated Christmas Tree.

Enjoy reading their stories!

Irene and Fletcher have been sold.

I invite you to get acquainted with all the Cobblestone Circle
citizens ~ read all the stories on my website!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Have our Give-away Winners!

YAY!! We have our winners!

Our list was compiled of all followers, pre-giveaway and new, minus current BWBA members. Your name went in again if you commented and a third time if you blogged about the giveaway on your own blog. We took the list to to randomize where they numerate it as well, used their random number generator and voila!, we have our list of winners.

Some of our artists donating the prizes are not comfortable shipping internationally so we must ask that winners contact us with your addresses prior to announcing your prize. We will create a local list and an international one then randomly assign winners to the prizes accordingly.

So congratulations are in order for:

Ghoulie Girls
Marie Patterson Studio
as santinhas
Flor Larios Art
DellaRae Designs
Mealy MonsterLand
and Joanna Jenkins

I have contacted each of our winners via friendconnect, hopefully it does not end up in a spam folder. If you miss the email you can provide your address by emailing asap to:

PLEASE NOTE: In all fairness to the artist waiting to ship your prize, we ask that you respond with your address by Friday the 12th. If you do not we will choose a new winner from the remaining names. Thank you for understanding.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BWBA Give-away -Just 2 Days Left to Sign up!

Giving this a bump as there are only two more days to sign up for a chance to win one of the fabulous giveaway prizes!

WOOHOO! It's BWBA's 1st year anniversary and we're celebrating by having a blog giveaway!

One year ago marks the birth of the Ebay Artists Group - "Because We Believe- Art"
that I, Josie, of Skeleton In my Closet, started with my good friends Tammy, of Light and Shadow Studio and Karen, of I Draw Pix and now to celebrate we are having a blog giveaway!

As you know, as a group, We Believe in the Magic of the Holidays, the Tooth Fairy, Monsters under the Bed and all other sorts of magical and mythical flights of fancy and have decided to share that with you, our Followers.

So this is the official sign-up thread. It will be active for 2 weeks and we have 14 different handmade ooak ornies created by the generous and talented members of our group!!

There will be 3 ways to get your name in the hat & rules are simple:

Be or become a follower of BWBA

After taking care of rule # 1 - Leave a comment on the Give-away Thread (simply saying, "I Believe" will do if you've nothing else to say)

Post to your own blog an announcement about our give-away or better yet provide a link-back to our blog (but please let us know you've done so by posting in your comment-see rule #2)! Feel free to grab the button at the right.

The drawing for winners will be on December 5th and hopefully we'll be ready to announce the winners on the 6th.

And here are the awesome ornies you will be vying for:
(each pic is linked to the artist's blog so click away if you want to know more about them!)

Offered by Laura/Cobblestone Circle

Offered by Karen/idrawpix

Offered by Lorraine/Piecake Prims

Offered by Judy/Art dolls by Judy

Offered by Lisa/Pearl Avenue Studios

Offered by Cindy/art by me Cindy

Offered by Tammy/Light and Shadow Studio

Offered by Ron and Sherry/Sunbyrum

Offered by Dianne/mcollection

((What a Bummer! Had to pull it - Gourdie's ornie suffered a mishap)) : - (

Offered by Jamie/creepy_creations

Offered by Michelle/Butterflyyykisses

Offered by Cat/in*the*light*of*the*moon

Offered by Patrick/Cre8orstouch

Offered by Josie/Skeleton in my Closet