Artist Spotlight

Maggie Anderson

Hi, my name is Maggie Anderson, and I’m Off My Rocker.

Hmmmmm.   Let me try that again.   My name is Maggie and I’m a paper mache addict, uh, artist.

I live on a Christmas Tree farm in Estacada, Oregon, right next door to my sister.   I love creating in various mediums.   I like recycling and using found objects in my art.   I think that is one of the reasons that my current favorite medium is paper mache.   I REALLY get to recycle!

I first started working with paper mache about six or seven months ago.   It’s really messy, but fun.   Before paper mache, I enjoyed making fabric dolls, and before that it was acrylic painting, and then there was rubber stamp carving, and before that it was collage, altered art... I think you get it.   I bounce around from one medium to another, and recently I started combining paper mache and fabric for OOAK art dolls.

I tend to get so involved in a project that a whole day will pass and I’ll wonder, did I eat anything?   I am really enjoying doing what I’m doing right now.

My favorite holiday is Christmas . . . or is it Halloween?   It’s kind of a toss-up.   I just love the variety of decorations for both of these holidays.

I’d love to have you drop by my blog for a visit at

~ Maggie ~
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