Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Have our Give-away Winners!

YAY!! We have our winners!

Our list was compiled of all followers, pre-giveaway and new, minus current BWBA members. Your name went in again if you commented and a third time if you blogged about the giveaway on your own blog. We took the list to to randomize where they numerate it as well, used their random number generator and voila!, we have our list of winners.

Some of our artists donating the prizes are not comfortable shipping internationally so we must ask that winners contact us with your addresses prior to announcing your prize. We will create a local list and an international one then randomly assign winners to the prizes accordingly.

So congratulations are in order for:

Ghoulie Girls
Marie Patterson Studio
as santinhas
Flor Larios Art
DellaRae Designs
Mealy MonsterLand
and Joanna Jenkins

I have contacted each of our winners via friendconnect, hopefully it does not end up in a spam folder. If you miss the email you can provide your address by emailing asap to:

PLEASE NOTE: In all fairness to the artist waiting to ship your prize, we ask that you respond with your address by Friday the 12th. If you do not we will choose a new winner from the remaining names. Thank you for understanding.


  1. Thank you so much! I am doing the happy dance! So excited!


  2. Congrats to the WINNERS!!! Yippeeeee!!


  3. Congratulations to the winners, this looked like a wonderful giveaway, loved participating.

    Have a wonderful week.



  4. Congrats to the winners!

  5. Hi - I see I'm late - I wanted to apologize. I've had no internet service since Dec. 5th - our 1970 phone lines corroded and caused our modem box to go bad, had to wait for phone line repair and new modem box - so that's why I wasn't able to respond. My fault entirely - and I'm so happy I had won and so sad that I wasn't able to claim it! But I wanted to apologize again for the extreme tardiness and thank you so much for the opportunity! Hopeful to try again for a future giveaway, but that time I will post everything but my SS#!
    Merry Christmas!



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