Friday, June 19, 2009

New Artist is the Spotlight

We are proud to showcase Jamie of Peach*Street*Primitives in the Artist Spotlight feature found on right of this blog. She is makes the most appealing soft dolls, sculpts, and has even taken up with soldering metal!
Please take a moment and get a peek into this wonderful artist's life. And, stop by her blog to see even more - just click here!


  1. Awww look at our cutesy Jamie! Great feature! Your Mom was a very smart lady.

  2. Hi Jamie, Wonderful spot light! Your Mom must have been a Saint LOL my Mom would have beat me for writing on the walls LOL
    So your creativity started early on and just kept going and it shows! Your art is truly awesome and inspiring :)

  3. LOL...your mom showed creativity of her own allowing you to do that!

    I just love the look of your creations, Jamie! I too, am ADD when it comes to art and the mediums I am willing to try : )


  4. Wow I tried joining NE Primitives? seem to be snobs? Love your blog and inspiring artist!
    Denise Massachusetts

  5. Congrats Jamie!! Well deserved feature!! Pip says "hi!"

  6. Thank you for spotlighting one of my favourite doll makers.

    Not only is Jamie amazing at her craft and always expanding it, she writes beautifully and I think she is magical.

    Renee xoxo

  7. I loved reading your well deserved spotlight Jamie! You're a fabulous artist!

    Karen :)



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