Thursday, February 5, 2009

Magic Brush Studio

From the talented brush of Shirley of magicbrushstudio comes this absolutely stunning black cat spring lamp...

Shirley describes her lamp:

I found this little beauty at an estate sale this summer. I think it is from the 40-50 era. I have completely refurbished it, from sanding to priming to painting. It has been given new life with my own original design and artwork. I have many hours into this one and I just love how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it too! This would make a perfect accent lamp to display all year long.
On one side of the shade ~ Two Black Kittens play hide &seek in the flower garden, surrounded by tulips & tiny spring flowers.

The other side shows~ Momma Cat is stretched out in the soft grass surrounded by flowers watching her little ones at play.

On the body of the lamp I have HP flowers and vines with leaves. On the bottom a tiny ruby throated hummingbird comes in for a sip of nectar. Above the hummingbird, I have painted a green-eyed black kitten face. The trim on the lamp is done in black & white checkerboard design and gold dots.

Check it out by clicking on the lamp icon in the ebay widget!


  1. Shirley - this is stunning!! I bet it is so beautiful when it's lit!!! Love the blue!! Nonni has declaired this one "Beautiful" too!!!!

  2. Oh Shirley this is just gorgeous! I would love to have one like that!! Beautiful, vibrant colors!



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